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Longheh Bonecare
Improve menopause symptoms and prevent osteoporosis

Longheh Bonecare
Longheh Bonecare

Are you experiencing back pain, hunchback and restricted body movement? These are common osteoporosis symptoms. However, some only realize their bone problem when they fall down and experience bone fracture.

So what is osteoporosis? Are you at risk of getting it? How can you prevent or improve this common bone problem?

Osteoporosis occurs when there are too many pores inside your bones, making it fragile and easily broken. When one experience hunchback due to osteoporosis, body organs and nerves placement are altered, creating unnecessary tension. This results in body pain and other health problems.

Osteoporosis bone
Healthy bone (left) vs Osteoporosis bone (right)

Osteoporosis biggest enemy - Aging
When women enter menopause stage, their estrogen hormone level decreases. Besides having increased risk for heart and brain vascular diseases, calcium is also rapidly lost from the bone.

According to statistics, after having menopause for two years, your bone density will reduce by 2 to 3%. After 10 years of menopause, bone loss reaches as high as 15 to 50%.

In addition, you may also experience menopause symptoms such palpitations, fretfulness, insomnia, lots of dreams, headache, restless, vaginal inflammation, skin dryness, hot flash and other symptoms.

Causes of Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis can be divided into direct and indirect cause type:

a) Direct causes type: Further divided into post-menopausal osteoporosis and senile osteoporosis

b) Indirect causes type: Effects of bone density lost caused by other diseases

What factor causes higher risk of osteoporosis? If you have the following factor, you are at a higher risk of getting this bone problem:

  • Menopausal women
  • Lack of exercise
  • Nutritional imbalance
  • Genetic inheritance
  • Races (occurs more often among the Whites)
  • Physique (Small sized and light people have higher risk)
  • Ovariectomy
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Long term medication (anti-spasm drugs, antacids, diuretics, thyroid drugs, steroids)

How about the symptoms for osteoporosis? You may need to go for a bone check if you often experience the following:

  • Body pain
  • Back pain
  • Hunchback
  • Restricted body movement
  • Decreasing body height
  • Spinal or joint disease

Osteoporosis prevention and treatment
A lot of people has been consuming calcium supplement for many years. They may also drink cow's milk for long term because they heard milk is good for their bones.

But in the end, they still get osteoporosis or their bone problem doesn't get any better. Why is it so?

Well, Calcium exists in many forms and not all Calcium is the same. Most Calcium is hard to be absorbed by human body. And taking too much of these Calcium may lead to kidney stones.

And even if you take easily absorbed Calcium, you may not improve your bone problem if you're having menopause. One of the function of female's hormone is to lock Calcium in your bone. When your female hormone level drops, bone Calcium loss increases.

In view of these complications of treating bone problems, Longheh Bonecare is formulated. Longheh Bonecare gives highly efficient Calcium absorption while ensuring it is maintained inside your bones. It has a unique formula of:

  • Soy isoflavones
  • Coral calcium
  • Mucopolysaccharide
  • Vitamin D

Soy Isoflavone Soy bean
In plants, isoflavone mainly functions as antioxidant. In human, soy isoflavones have similar functions to female hormone estrogen.

It can improve various menopause symptoms and also prevent or treat premature menopause.

Soy isoflavones Benefits on Human Body

  • Reduce menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, palpitations, skin aging and skin dryness
  • Improve vaginal atrophy (shrink) and dryness, intercourse pain, urethral atrophy and infection, and urinary incontinence
  • Increase bone density by 5.5% and spine density by 10.6%, and reduce osteoporosis risk by 50% to 60%
  • reduce 60% heart disease mortality rate
  • reduce 50% to 60% risk of Alzheimer's disease
  • reduce 40% to 50% risk of colon cancer

Soy isoflavones anti-tumor effects
Medical study found that Genistein and Daidzein in soy isoflavones can inhibit the growth of new blood vessel. Therefore it can restrain the formation of various tumors.

And most importantly, these substances can also inhibit the release of carcinogenic toxins by tumor, such as Tyrosine Kinase. This causes cancer cells to weaken and die.

With this, you no longer have to worry about the disturbing menopause symptoms. You can even avoid the risks of long term hormone consumption such as breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and also heart and brain vascular diseases.

That is why soy isoflavone is regarded as a gift from Heaven to woman.

Coral Calcium
Coral Besides containing a lot of calcium, coral also contains more than 70 types of trace mineral which create a perfect balance with your body.

Unlike other calcium types, coral calcium has been transformed into an organic form during coral's digestive process. It can be immediately absorbed by your body and almost 100% can be absorbed into your bone.

Coral calcium will not accumulate in your body and create abnormal calcium metabolism that may cause organ damage. Excessive coral calcium will be expelled out through urine.

Mucopolysaccharide is required by your body to produce fiber, connective tissue and mucus. However with aging, Mucopolysaccharide in your body gradually reduces.

Therefore, you should always supplement your body with Mucopolysaccharide which is important for your bone, joint and cartilage tendon. This prevents problem caused by its degradation or insufficiency such as rheumatic arthritis and soreness of joints, bones, shoulders and waist.

Mucopolysaccharide main functions are:

  • Inhibit inflammation: Effectively inhibit histamine release and reduce joint damage.
  • Promote glycoprotein production: strengthen joint cartilage and reduce degenerative arthritis occurrence.
Green mussel

Medical research confirmed that Mucopolysaccharide extracted from natural deep-sea green mussel gives the best absorption for human body.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D stimulates intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, reduce calcium lost and strengthen the bone. The elderly have lower ability to produce Vitamin D on their own. They generally have poor calcium absorption.

Therefore calcium and active vitamin D must be consumed together for better effectiveness.

Longheh Bonecare uniqueness

  • Rich in soy isoflavones
  • Contain coral calcium for the best absorption
  • Contain mucopolysaccharide extracted from natural deep-sea green mussel
  • With active Vitamin D

Long-Heh Bonecare

Recommended dosage
For adult, take 2 capsules in the morning and at night, half an hour before meal. For children, reduce dosage to half.

One box contains 60 capsules at 500mg ± 5% each capsule. (10 capsules x 6 blister packs / P.P.T.)

Each capsule contains:
Soy germ powder (with isoflavones) - 250mg
Coral calcium powder (with 45mg calcium) - 150mg
Mucopolysaccharide - 50mg
Vitamin D3 - 35 i.u.
Lactose - 45mg


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