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Illness - Your Cells Are Crying

Take care of your cells
to prevent illness!

Though our body is like a chemical factory, most of us do not know how the body works. Worse of all, many people unknowingly torture their own body cells everyday. Are you one of them?

Four in the morning everyday, when most of us still asleep, Dr. Lee Feng of Taipei University Pathological Department wakes up. First, she drinks a glass of water. Then she starts to meditate and exercise.

After having her cereal breakfast, she starts her daily office work. Eight o'clock at night when many executives are still working overtime in the office, Dr. Lee starts to meditate. She usually sleeps at nine.

She prefers very light meal. In the afternoon, she cooks her own rice and vegetable. At night, she only takes about one third of the amount she eats in the noon. Her daily diet mostly consists of grains and vegetables.

A cancer patient?
It's very hard to imagine 30 years ago, Dr Lee Feng suffered from lymphatic cancer. Today she still lives healthily. How could she live that long? The answer is because she respects each and every cells in her body.

For the past 30 years, she carefully observes the life and death of human cells under microscope.

According to her, when you are cheerful, your cells would be in wholesome form. But if you are angry, your cells would be like an old man's face, full of wrinkles. Furthermore, there is a big difference between healthy cell and ill cell. Cancer cells are usually not in proper form.

She said the more you understand your cells, the more you would regret how you have treated them in the past. When you learn to respect them, your body condition gradually improves.

Healthy lifestyle and diet
Dr Lee Feng has been living with cancer cells for 30 years. She has three decades of experience on how to overcome damaged cells.

"We have six trillion cells and our body is like a huge bio-chemical factory. We could not bother so much! All we could do is to provide good environment for the cells."

She says that providing excellent environment for our cells means we must have a disciplined life, take light diet and have regular exercise.

Caring for your liver
Take liver for example. Why do you need to sleep before eleven at night? This is because from eleven at night to three in the morning, your liver undergoes detoxification processes.

According to medical research, when you are standing, the rate of liver blood flow is three times lesser than when you are lying down.

Your liver organ is like a chemical factory almost 1.5 kg in weight. It can accommodate almost 500 types of chemical reactions.

When you are growing and participating in activities, your body produces various chemical reactions that require detoxification. There are more than 2,000 types of chemicals in your body and liver can produce about 1,000 types.

When toxins enter your body, your liver will automatically undergo detoxification process through chemical reactions. Some heavy metals and bacteria from the intestines will be excreted via the bile.

This operation is indeed a very complicated process. Man-made organs such as man-made lungs and kidneys can function more or less like the natural organs. However, man-made liver cannot function like natural liver to perform hundreds of chemical processes.

Caring for your lung
Your lung can accommodate almost 6 liters of air. However, when you sit on the chair, you only inhale about half liter of air or only 1/12 of lung maximum capacity.

Modern people spend a lot of their time sitting in the office, taking public transport and lift. They only inhale between 0.5 to 1 liter of air each time they breathe. Just like a person who has 12 rooms and only use one.

Dr. Lee Feng says that if you want to use every space of your lung, you must have regular exercise. This enables your muscle to exhaust oxygen faster, which makes you breathe deeper. This allows more air to fill your lung.

Caring for your cells
Dr. Lee Feng thinks we must acknowledge we are responsible for our own sickness. So, we must make effort to take good care of our own cells.

Your body is an amazing universe.

Everyday, your body digests rice, vegetables and meat. It absorbs nutrients and excretes toxins. These processes are indeed very complex biochemical reactions.

Your body is also like a cell factory. Different cells perform different functions. For example, stomach cells are related to digestive system while liver cells can store nutrients and expel waste substances.

Well, how to protect your cells? First of all, do not torture your cells by overeating and sleep late at night.

Therefore, remember to eat less and sleep earlier!



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