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A new food pyramid

food pyramid
Time to change your
old food pyramid?

Do you have acidic body condition? What causes acidic body? And what is the correct food pyramid to prevent acidic body?

Your blood pH level is 7.4 which is slightly alkaline based. Your body automatically maintain this pH level to ensure proper body functions.

But if you take in too much acidic food, your blood tends to become more acidic. To maintain pH level of 7.4, calcium in your bone will be extracted into blood stream since calcium is alkaline based. Eventually, you will have all sorts of body stiffness, body pain and even bone spur.

Acidic body environment also prevents your immunity cells from functioning properly. This in turn leads to lowering of your immune system. You will also have poor blood circulation. In short, most diseases are caused by an acidic body.

Acidic food
By acidic food, it doesn't mean the food must has acidic taste. We burn the food into ash and mix it with water. Then we test the water for its pH level. This is how food acidity is determined.

So what type of foods are acidic in nature? These are:

  • Meat
  • Fried and grilled food
  • Beans and nuts (peanut is highly acidic)
  • Rice, wheat, noddles and bread
  • Sugar and sweet food (cake, ice cream, beverage, etc. except fruit)
  • Salty food

And what type of foods are alkaline in nature? These are:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

Balanced diet
Naturally, you should take a balanced diet to maintain a slight alkaline body condition. Forget about the old food pyramid where you must take rice, wheat and bread the most. Here is a new food pyramid you can follow:

  • One forth of your diet should consist of meat and beans (acidic)
  • One forth of your diet should consist of rice, wheat and bread (acidic)
  • Half of your diet should consist of fruits and vegetables (alkaline)

Do you realize this new food pyramid consists of half acidic food and half alkaline food? This balanced diet helps to keep your body in a healthy acidity level. Actually, your body is slightly alkaline. Therefore, it is even better if you can take more fruits and vegetables.

In your next meal, see how much acidic and alkaline food you take. Make sure you have a well balanced diet for a healthy and strong body.


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Theresia Hermann :
Posted 2464 days ago
I eat a lot of fruit and vegetable and salads, Alaskan samon and some chicken. Very little rice, or noodles. I cannot bring my pH to even the 7 level, mostly my pH level os around 6.6. This is probably why I have bone spurs. What can I do to effectively bring my pH to 7.4.
I appreciate your reply.
I am very interested in purchasing some of your product but cannot find on your website how to order and what your prices are.
James Pang :
Posted 2462 days ago
Theresia, the Ganoderma herb and Magnetic Ultra Long Wave therapy help to maintain a healthy pH level in our body.
Jay :
Posted 2245 days ago
I am very acidic thus the problems I have that you have mentioned.I will take your advice and change my diet. I don't know how long its going to take to get my ph balance correct, but I will do it.Thank you
prabhu :
Posted 686 days ago
Sir i am viral hepatitis patient. Pls susggest me your golden worlds through this comments. Pls reply must... Thank u.

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