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An old man

Old man
Are you walking slowly
with your parents?

Whenever I was back in Taiwan, I would meet the same old man who collects recycle goods. He pushed his old cart and walked all over the street to collect items people didn't want.

After leaving my office one rainy afternoon, I saw the old man standing in front of a bread shop. He wanted to exchange his coins with bread. I felt pity for him. So, I approached that old man and said, "Uncle, let me treat you a bowl of noodle."

He stared at me and asked, "Aren't you the boss of the company I used to drop by to collect recyclable items?" His reply made me worry he might reject my offer.

However, he accepted my offer and I brought him inside for a bowl of noodle. Many customers there stared at me with a puzzled look.

A meaningful bowl of noodle
While enjoying the noodle, the old man suddenly asked, "Why treat me noodle?" I could not reply a word. And I could not tolerate to see that he only has so little money to buy bread.

The old man said again, "Are you trying to pity me?" Still, I did not know what to say and could only continue eating my noodle.

Before he finished his noodle, I quickly rushed to the counter and paid first. With a smile in his face, he held my hand and said, "Son, you are a kind-hearted man. I really envy your parents."

After saying that, he took his raincoat and continued his work to pick recyclable goods from the street. After that encounter, I never met him anymore.

A surprise letter
One day, my secretary gave me an unsigned letter. This was the letter content:

"Dear Son, do you still remember me? The day you treated me noodle was the last day of my work to collect those recyclable goods.

Actually, I didn't want to leave my work. But I have to stop it because my two sons have sold the land where I placed those recyclable goods. That was the land they grew up. But they couldn't resist the offer from developer.

Previously, they told me the land tax was very high and wanted me to transfer the land ownership to them as soon as possible. They assured me they wouldn't sell the land.

Now the land has been sold to the developer. And currently I am staying in old folk's home. The land and I have been thrown away by my children who have university education.

Later, my sons told me the land worth USD 1.3 million. They said I only spend their money and could not do anything. I was really numbed with their words.

I only remember you have treated me a bowl of noodle and the warmness of your hand shake. I hope to see you again!"

What a tragic
This is a true story that happens in our society! Father and mother are the Sun and Earth of our life. We must respect our parents first before doing other good deeds.

Here, I would also like to share with you a touching story that spreads in the old folk home. I hope it will remind you to love your parents always.

"When I am old"
"Oh my child! When you are still small, I spent a lot of time with you. I patiently taught you how to use a spoon and fork. I taught you how to tighten your shoes, how to wear your cloths and how to comb your hair.

Now that I tend to forget easily and could not speak properly, please give me a little bit of time. Please patiently wait for me. Let me try to recall... maybe I would not say what I wanted to say.

My child! You might have forgotten when I guided you to practice for hundreds of times to sing a song. Do you still remember you wanted me to answer difficult and tricky questions? So, when I am forgetful and keep on repeating the old stories, please forgive me.

My child, now I always forget to put on my buttons. I always dirty my cloths and comb my hair with trembling hand. Please do not push me. You must have patience with me. I feel more comfortable when you could accompany me.

My child! Now I can't even stand and walk properly. So please hold my hand and walk with me slowly. Because when you're small, I walked with you slowly too... step by step, until you have fully grown up.

I hope you could walk with me slowly... step by step, until I leave this world."



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