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Longheh Ganoderma
The immortal herb

Longheh Ganoderma
Longheh Ganoderma

The "Shen Nong" and "Ben Cao Gang Mu" ancient herbal classics stated that Ganoderma can

  • improve blood circulation
  • remove circulatory blockage
  • detoxify the blood
  • enhance body energy
  • calm the nerves
  • activate body cells
  • promote longevity
  • maintain youthfulness and beauty.

This herb has been traditionally used by officials in ancient palace as the preferred tonic.

Ganoderma main component and benefit

Improve allergy, enhance immune system and significantly improve autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus), chronic kidney inflammation, dry eye syndrome, Sicca syndrome, scleroderma (skin hardening), epilepsy, Myasthenia gravis and Type 1 Diabetes.

Strengthens stomach and digestive system, improve allergy, improve inflammation and improve tumor.

Adenosine Monophosphate
Reduce thrombosis, improve blood circulation and remove circulatory blockage with significant improvement for high blood pressure, stroke, heart vessel blockage, body pain and numbness.

Organic Germanium
Ganoderma contains 4 to 6 times Organic Germanium compared to Ginseng. It enhances body energy, reduces fatigue, promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism and detoxifies the blood.

SOD (Superoxide Dismutase)
SOD is human first defense against free radical. It can detoxify the blood, prolong cell aging and maintain youthfulness.

Log wood Ganoderma compared to natural and vacuum packing Ganoderma

Log wood ganoderma Log Wood Ganoderma
Log wood cultivation uses high temperature disinfection and scientific method to implant the seed into a log wood. Grown under natural climate and managed by manual labor, it is free of harmful chemicals and fertilizer.

The Ganoderma is firm, thick and glossy with higher medicinal values. Therefore, log wood cultivation produces a superior Ganoderma.

Wild ganoderma Wild Ganoderma
Wild Ganoderma grows on rotten wood, absorbing nutrients from it. After one year, wild Ganoderma becomes hard.

Thus, its beneficial substances are greatly reduced. Ganoderma spore powder has also been blown away by the wind. And since it is collected randomly, quality control is impossible.

Vacuum packing ganoderma Vacuum packing Ganoderma
This method mainly uses packed wooden dust and chemical substances in a closed environment. It can be harvested after only two months. Therefore, this is a very productive and economical method.

However, since the Ganoderma cannot absorb natural sunlight and nutrients, the resulting fruit body is soft. Its beneficial substance is only one sixth of log wood Ganoderma. And since the Ganoderma has not really mature, it has no spore powder at all.

Longheh Ganoderma uniqueness
Longheh Ganoderma is grown in China Mount Wuyi natural forest reserve. The mountains are full of falling streams. Coupled with moderate temperature, this pollution-free environment is ideal for Ganoderma cultivation.

1. Log wood cultivation
From seeding to harvesting, it takes around one year time. The growth process is long and requires a lot of effort. However, as it takes time to fully absorb natural sunlight and water, is has solid and firm fruit body compared to vacuum packing Ganoderma.

In addition, the content of Organic Germanium, Triterpenes, Polysaccharides and SOD is 4 to 6 times higher than vacuum packing Ganoderma.

2. Spore powder
Since log wood cultivation is used, spore powder can be seen on top of Ganoderma upon maturity at around 1 year. It is then carefully collected by manual labor. A net covers the cultivation site to prevent wind from blowing away the spore powder.

Ganoderma spore powder is the essence of Ganoderma. It has 75 times higher medicinal value than Ganoderma itself. And Longheh Ganoderma contains this precious spore powder for maximum effectiveness.

Spore shell itself is very hard. Human body cannot digest it. Therefore, a special "spore shell breaking" technique is used to break open the shell to release its essences.

Ganoderma extraction 3. High concentration extract
Longheh Ganoderma is also extracted at 16 to 1 high concentration. 1000 kg of Ganoderma is concentrated to only 60 kg. Therefore its purity is incomparable to other Ganoderma product.

4. Scientifically tested
Using the latest high technology device called Atomic Absorption Spectrophoto Meter, Longheh Ganoderma is tested to be free from medicines, heavy metals and any harmful substances. This guarantees the highest purity for long term healthcare.

Long-Heh Ganoderma

Recommended Dosage
For adult, take 2 capsules 2 to 3 times daily. Take it half an hour before meal for better absorption.

One box contains 60 capsules at 430mg 5% each capsule. (10 capsules x 6 blister packs / P.P.T.)


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