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Repay Yourself

To fight or flight?

One night, a man was walking through a narrow path in a dense jungle. Suddenly, he heard someone shouting in terror. He then stopped and tried to find out what was happening. Under the moon light, he saw two persons fighting. But later he realized a man was robbing a girl!

"Do I want to rescue the girl? Do I protect myself and go home instead? Or do I report it to the police?" the man thought.

Anyhow, when the girl's voice sounded weaker and weaker, he told himself, "I must try to help her!" So he risked his life to pull the girl away from the robber. Although in his 50s, he still had the energy to fight the young robber!

Rescuing the girl
After some struggle, both the man and the robber fell on the ground. However, the robber gave up and ran away.

The man quickly stood up and saw the girl trembling. He consoled, "The robber has run away. It's very safe now."

While crying, the young girl shouted, "Daddy! I'm Catherine, your daughter!"

Giving and receiving
When you give to others, you're actually giving to yourself too. For what you've given to others, the same will be returned back to you. What you think of others will also end up to yourself.

In reverse, you may get revenge from whoever you've hurt before. If you always criticize people, you may get criticized in return too.



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