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Sharing the best corn seed

To share or not to share
the best seed?

A farmer has a fine breed of corn that won him a lot of prizes. There are many other corn farms around his farm. However, his corns always grow bigger and healthier. This makes him a lot of money because his sales are so good.

Surprisingly, this farmer always gives away his fine corn seed to nearby farmers.

One day, his friend found out and asked the farmer, "Why are you giving away your fine corn seed to other farmers? Don’t you afraid their corn will grow better than yours? They may beat you in corn competition and in sales too!"

Why share the best?
The farmer smiled and replied, "Well, the reason is simple. My corn is superior. And their corn is low-grade. But if I don’t share my fine corn seed, their nearby low-grade corn pollen will fly to my farm. Eventually, all my corn will become low-grade too!"

For whatever you want, learn to give others first. If you want happiness, give others happiness first. The wonderful energy you release outward will eventually bounce back to you in multiple!



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