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Turning hatred into strength

Hate them or
love them?

After leaving the arm force, Allen only managed to work as a dispatch boy in a printing firm.

One day, this young man wanted to take 50 big books to the 7th floor of a university faculty. But when he carried a bundle of the books into the lift, a guard came by and told him, "This lift is only for the professors and lecturers. You must walk on the staircase!"

Allen explained to the guard, "I am not a student here. I want to carry these books to the 7th floor. The university ordered these books!"

However, the guard insisted, "No! As long as you're not a professor or lecturer, you're not allowed to take this lift!" They argued for a while. Finally, Allen knew he must go up and down the staircase for more than ten times. It would be really tired!

I quit!
Later, Allen explained to his boss what happened and quit his job.

What would you do if you're Allen? Will you hate the security guard forever for hurting your ego? Will you swear never to work in the university again?

Well, Allen chose a different thinking. He swore he would study hard to enter university to become a doctor!

Six months before his examination, he studied for 14 hours everyday. Finally his result enabled him to enroll in a university medical faculty.

Dream comes true
And today, more than twenty years later, Allen is already a successful doctor with his own clinic. When he recalls back his success, he knows it was the security guard who motivated him in the first place!

He doesn't hate the guard. Instead, he has to thank the guard for giving him the energy to change and pursue his dream.

So whenever you're cursed or scolded badly by someone, don't hate them. Instead, turn your hatred into a positive energy to drive you upward to become a better person. Prove to them that they are wrong!

At the end, you'll realize you have to thank them for motivating you so strongly.



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