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Destined to die young?

Palm reading
To believe or
not believe?

I still remember once a woman came to attend my course and told me she knew all aspects of astrology. I just smiled and thought she wanted to forecast my fortune.

Later she told me the reason she learnt fortune telling. It was because a famous fortune teller once told her she only could live up to 47 years old. She was very angry and decided to master fortune telling on her own.

When she had commanded fortune telling skills, she discovered the fact she indeed could not live very long. So she decided to do meaningful things before she passed away.

Changing destiny
She actively participated in charitable activities and became a very kind person. She is now 53 years old with a healthy body.

So I jokingly said to her, "Oh! It's wonderful! Now you can go to the fortune teller and laugh at him."

"I should thank him instead", she said. "I know for my character, I could only live up to 47 years old due to heart attack. The reason I could live till today is because of my open-heartedness."

She changed her destiny because she transformed the way she looks at the world!

Turning a lemon into lemonade
Every obstacle in life has its meaning. Many setbacks must be looked upon as a mean to make you more successful. Learn to turn negative setback into a strong positive driving force for you.

Your enemy is often the person you must thank for. They may indirectly help you to become a better person and attain more success in life.

Therefore, regard your enemy as your friend. There's no point to drag on the confrontation with others. When hatred is resolved, it is a win-win situation for both!



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