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Longheh Lierfen
The anti-cancer and anti-aging formula

Longheh Lierfen
Longheh Lierfen

Do you realize some people age faster than others? And some still look young and beautiful even in their 40s. So what is the major cause for aging?

Recent studies show that the main culprit for your aging process is free radicals. These substances is produced inside your body everyday. However, some are useful while others are harmful to your body.

Longheh Lierfen increases your protection from continuous free radical attacks. This helps to prevent cancer, delay aging and maintain your youthfulness.

What is Free Radical?
Free radical is an unstable molecule because it contains odd number of electron. It can only make itself stable by being a "predator" for electron from other molecule. It will then have even number of electron.

However, this process damages the structure of "victim" molecule instead, turning it into a new free radical. And to stabilize this new free radical, it will then become a "predator" for other electron.

The resulting series of chain reactions damage cell membrane and nucleus. Subsequently, this causes body oxidation, aging and other diseases including cancer.

Free radical attacks your body cell and may result in:

a) Cell death - Large number of cells are gradually lost, causing various diseases.

b) Cell injuiry - If the cell is successfully repaired, everything is fine. But if the cell is beyond repair, it may result in cell mutation which eventually leads to cancer.

Free Radical attack
Cell is the basic element that builds up your body. And on average, free radicals attack each of your cell at least 73,000 times daily.

Free radical can penetrate your cell membrane and damage your cell nucleus. Scientists have also confirmed that free radical causes more than 100 types of disease.

Free radical damage DNA
    Normal DNA structure       DNA damage by free radicals (cut off)

Free Radical and health
Your body can produce its own anti-free radical and antioxidant enzymes such as SOD, GSHP and Catalase. This maintains a balanced state of free radicals in your body.

However, your body antioxidant capability will gradually reduce due to:

  • aging
  • air and water pollution
  • improper eating habits
  • smoking and alcohol
  • coloring, preservative and pesticide misuse
  • electromagnetic radiation
  • life tension, work pressure and other factors

Therefore, you need to supplement your body with natural antioxidant health food to maintain free radical balance in your body.

Longheh Lierfen
Over the past 20 years, free radical research have became scientist's most prevalent study. The research showed that almost all diseases including cancer are caused by free radicals.

Therefore, anti-free radical, anti-oxidation, anti-aging and anti-cancer study has become the most popular trend worldwide.

With this, Dr Lee formulated Longheh Lierfen as one of the most effective antioxidant supplement for your health care needs. It includes:

  • Catechin extracted from green tea
  • Vitamin C extracted from rose hip
  • Proanthocyanidines extracted from grape seed

Green tea Catechin

Green tea Anti-free radical
In the current fight against "free radical", Catechin is found to be the most effective natural antioxidant. Catechin is a kind of polyphenols, which is the most abundant in green tea.

Free radical attacks on your cells is just like rusting iron exposed in the air for a long time. This process is called "oxidation", which is similar to your aging process. Catechin strong anti-oxidation effect can prolong cell aging and maintain your youthfulness.

Catechin is a natural "lipid antioxidant" with antioxidant ability:

  • 50 times of vitamin E
  • 20 times of vitamin C
  • 4 to 6 times of synthetic antioxidant BHA.

Therefore, Catechin can prevent fat polymerization and fat deposit on your blood vessel wall. It effectively prevents or improves atherosclerosis, and various heart and brain vascular diseases.

Free radicals penetrate cell membrane, attack cell nucleus and even damage cell DNA. This causes mutations in chromosomes and cells. This results in precancerous cells that may eventually lead to cancer.

Catechin anti-free radical effects can effectively prevent and improve various types of cancer.

Rose hip Vitamin C
Rose hip Rose hip is rich in vitamin C, with two kinds of anti-oxidation effects:

a) With "free radical grabbing" effect, it directly converts free radical to oxalic acid and expels it out of your body

b) Helps to restore oxidized "Vitamin E radical" back to Vitamin E to continue with anti-oxidation effect.

Besides double anti-oxidation effects, Vitamin C can

  • enhance your immunity
  • strengthen blood vessels
  • prevent anemia
  • protect body cells

Grape seed Proanthocyanidines
Grape seed Grape seed Proanthocyanidines belongs to the polyphenols group. With powerful anti-oxidation effect, it can prevent capillary hardening and blood leakage caused by chloroform free radical.

It also improves capillary blood circulation and improves varicose vein, heart disease and stroke.

Longheh Lierfen uniqueness
Among the six types Catechin, EGCg Catechin has the best effectiveness for anti-free radical, anti-oxidation, anti-aging and anti-cancer. However, it is also the most difficult to extract.

  • Using biotechnology method for extraction, layering, separation and purification, Longheh Lierfen has green tea EGCg concentration of more than 50 percent. With the most abundant Polyphenols, it gives the highest value and the best effectiveness compared to other similar products.
  • Green tea quality is significantly affected by the growth areas, terrain height, climate and manufacturing technology. Longheh Lierfen uses green tea cultivated in mountain area with the best humidity, temperature and altitude. Only the most tender green tea sprouts (3 pieces) are chosen, making it a high quality green tea extract.
  • Using decaffeinated formula, it does not affect your sleep.
  • Longheh Lierfen is also rich in rose hip Vitamin C and grape seed extract. This provides the best formula for anti-free radical, anti-oxidation and anti-aging.

It short, Longheh Lierfen effectively protects your body from the ever-present free radical attacks, slows down aging and maintains your youthfulness.

Long-Heh Lierfen

Recommended Dosage
For adult, take 1 or 2 capsules for 3 times daily, after meal. For children, reduce dosage to half.

One box contains 60 capsules at 400mg ± 5% each capsule. (10 capsules x 6 blister packs / P.P.T.)

Each capsule contains:
Green Tea extract (Camellia Sinensis) - 150 mg
Rose Hip extract (Rosa Canina) - 100 mg
Grape Seed extract (Vitis Vinifera) - 75 mg
D-Mannitol - 75 mg


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