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Longheh Propolis
The natural antibiotic

Longheh Propolis
Longheh Propolis Series

Bee has been living on Earth for more than 60 million years. However, scientist discovered that bee hive doesn't contain any bacteria and virus.

When bee is collecting honey, it is exposed to various germs among the plants. But once it returns to its hive, some special substance seems to wipe out all the germs on its body.

Later, scientist found out that bee hive is internally covered by a waxy substance called Propolis, making it an almost sterile environment. And Propolis contains natural antibiotic substances which instantly kill infectious germs that invaded bee hive.

What is Propolis?
Propolis is made from fluid collected from tree buds or bark, mixed with enzymes in bee saliva. Bee uses it to glue any crack in bee hive and to cover the compartment where queen bee lays her eggs.

Propolis is an important natural antibiotic substance in bee hive which maintains a sterile condition. With 149 types of antioxidant, Propolis can preserve dead bee and prevent the decaying of dead foreign insect.

The bee will wrap these dead bodies with Propolis and turn it into a mummy. This ensures their hive is clean and sterile. This shows that Propolis contains substances that have strong anti-bacteria and anti-virus functions.

Propolis benefits on your body
White blood cell is the backbone of human immune system. It is divided into:

Macrophages - responsible for defense, it can swallow up bacteria, virus and other foreign substances.

Lymphocytes - produces interleukin and interferon, which are responsible for attacking specific virus.

Propolis contains high amount of flavonoids and active ingredients. It can stimulate immune cells to produce interleukin and interferon which enhance your immune system.

Other Propolis benefits includes:

  • reduce thrombosis, improve blood circulation blockage
  • regulate insulin balance
  • strengthen liver for detoxification
  • anti-oxidation and anti-aging
  • inhibit cancer cell

Propolis scientific research

1968 – Remy Chavin, a French scientist proved that bacteria cannot be cultured in bee hive.

1987 – Oxford University found that Propolis contains 149 active substances with strong anti-oxidation and anti-aging properties.

1991 – The World beekeeping Society proved that Propolis has hundred types of substances with medical values. The most prominent is flavonoid.

1991 – National Preventive Medical Research Institute of Japan proved that Propolis restrains and eliminates cancer with no harmful side effects on normal cells.

1997 – National Institute of Health of Tokyo, Japan proved that Artepillin C extracted from Brazil Propolis may switch off DNA of cancer cells, causing apoptosis.

2003 – Journal of International Cancer Letter (April, Vol No: 193, 2nd edition) : Okayama University in Japan proved that Propolis has positive effects on lung tumor.

2003 – Journal of Ethno Pharmacology, (Vol No: 84, Feb) Zagred University in Croatia proved that Propolis may adjust immunity especially to prevent and improve breast cancer.

Propolis important ingredients

1. Flavonoid

  • Strengthen cell membrane and activate cellular function
  • Synthesize connective tissue for cell regeneration
  • Restrain malignant tumor and prevent carcinogen formation
  • Purify blood and strengthen blood vessel (maintain elasticity)
  • Resist formation of free radicals with its anti-oxidation effect

2. Vitamin P

  • Produces natural interferon
  • Enhance immunity
  • Strengthen blood vessel wall
  • Soften blood vessel.

3. Strong specific enzymes
Human aging and cancer formation are related to enzyme insufficiency. There are four confirmed enzymes in Propolis:

  • Trypsin
  • Cathepsin
  • Amylase
  • Lipidase

In the world of enzyme therapy, the therapeutic effects of these enzymes are the same as antibiotics.

4. Phytoncide
Stabilizes emotion and rejuvenates body constitution

5. Organic acid, Caffeic acid, Cinnamic acid
With anti-virus, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property. It is able to treat diarrhea.

Propolis supplement
Propolis is getting more popular worldwide due to its high medicinal values. Currently there are 3 types of Propolis supplement with different extraction method.

Capsule form
Propolis extracted in capsule form gives the least health benefits. You're advised not to take it.

Water extract
Propolis from water extract has an advantage of being very economical to produce. From raw Propolis to completed Propolis extract, it takes around 2 months only. Therefore its price is lower. But its effectiveness is also much lower.

Drop this type of Propolis extract into a glass of water and you can see it sinks to the bottom immediately. It often results in muddy water. The waxy substance may stick to the cup and spoon. Some even produces unwanted substance floating around in the water.

Alcohol extract
It takes 2 to 3 years to complete the alcohol extraction of Propolis. The process is long and not economical. Therefore, you can hardly find any Propolis from alcohol extract in the market.

However, the resulting Propolis extract is much purer with higher concentration of beneficial active substances. When you open up the Propolis bottle, another person can even smell it across the room.

Drop this type of Propolis extract into a cup of water and you can see it spreads evenly with greenish yellow color. Due to its high purity, it is lighter than water. So it only floats on top of the water. The resulting water mixture doesn't contain any unwanted floating substance at all.

Longheh Propolis uniqueness
With the strong trait of African bee in Brazil, the collected Propolis has more variety of flavonoids in high concentration. Brazilian Propolis is recognized as the world's best Propolis.

Longheh Propolis is made from alcohol extraction method, taking more than 2 years to complete. It is available as Propolis extract, Propolis spray and Propolis toothpaste.

Longheh Propolis Extract

Longheh Propolis extract

Longheh Propolis extract uses top grade Brazilian Propolis which is recognized by doctors worldwide as having the best beneficial substances. It has also passed through HACCP international quality certification, with a very strict technical management.

Using high technology extraction and purification, the resulting Propolis concentration reaches 48 percent. This is currently considered the world's most concentrated and purest Propolis extract.

Recommended Usage

Oral: Proportionately, take one drop for every 10 kg body weight. Mix with warm or room temperature water for drinking. Never drop it directly into mouth.

External use: Mix lotion or Vaseline with Propolis and apply on affected area. It may improve various skin diseases.

Bathing: Adding a little Propolis into bath water can improves skin complexion and sterilization. It also promotes blood circulation, prevents skin diseases, and improves rheumatism and bone pain effectively.

20 ml (approximately 550 drops)

Longheh Propolis Spray

Longheh Propolis Spray

Longheh Propolis Spray significantly improves inflammation of mouth, throat, vocal cord and tonsils. Therefore, it is an essential companion if you need a convenient away to nourish your throat and protect your vocal cord. Singer, teacher, sales person and those who speak frequently find it very useful.

For serious infection, take the Propolis extract instead. It is more effective than Propolis spray.

Recommended Usage
Spray a few times into your mouth as needed.

30 ml

Longheh Propolis Toothpaste

Longheh Propolis Toothpaste

Longheh Propolis Toothpaste can thoroughly clean your teeth and remove plaque. It also prevent and treat tooth decay, gum disease and gum inflammation.

Recommended Usage
Use adequate amount to clean your teeth as needed.

120 g


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