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Longheh Purical
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Longheh Purical
Longheh Purical

Your bone is actually an active and living substance. Interestingly, it undergoes cycle of decomposition and reconstruction all the time.

Bone decomposition is also called bone resorption. It happens when bone calcium is released into the blood stream. The opposite process is bone reconstruction, also known as bone formation. It happens when blood calcium is absorbed into the bone for calcification.

These two processes help to maintain a stable calcium concentration in blood and also a strong bone. This is the so-called 'Bone Remodeling'.

Bone structure remodeling
At different age, you will undergo different bone remodelling rate. Basically, your bone density slowly build up until you are around 35 years old. After that, your bone gradually loses its density as you age.

Infancy and adolescence
Bone formation rate is higher than bone resorption rate. This causes active bone build up and body growth.

After adolescence and before 35 years old
Bone formation rate is still greater than bone desorption rate. However, the formation rate starts to slow down.

Around 35 years old
Bone density reaches the highest point where your bone is the hardest.

After 35 years old
Bone formation rate is less than bone desorption rate. This results in gradual bone density loss.

Woman in menopause stage
Bone desorption is more active. Therefore, your bone loss rate is much faster. Each year, your bone density reduces by 2% to 4% on average.

Calcium distribution
Calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body. It will undergo four major processes:

  • Calcium absorption in intestine
  • Calcium deposit in bones
  • Calcium transfer in blood
  • Calcium expelled through urine

Do you know how Calcium is distributed in your body? Well, 99% of the Calcium is in your bones and teeth while the other
1% is in your blood or serum.

Most people focus on Calcium in the bone. But do you know Calcium in your serum also plays important roles to ensure normal body function? Insufficient serum Calcium may lead to the following problems:

Body fluid - Alkaline body constitution
chronic disease relapse
tendency toward having baby girl

Insufficient hormones - Unbalance hormone level
chronic disease relapse

Muscle - Muscle degeneration
prone to spasm
retarded muscle growth

Nervous system - Nervous system easily stimulated
Cold hands and feet, nerve pain
Restless and difficulty in falling asleep

Bones, teeth - Weak bones and teeth
tooth decay, sensitive (painful) teeth for acidic or cold food
prone to bone fracture

Cardiovascular - Weak heart
heart palpitation, breathlessness
slow heart beat

Skin and mucous - Iincreased allergy reaction
skin itchiness, prone to catch flu and sneezing
allergy to alcohol, fish and prawn

Since Calcium has important functions in our body, who has more needs for Calcium supplement?

  • Growing baby
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mum
  • Adult and the elderly
  • Menopause and post menopause women
  • Osteoporosis and bone fracture patient
  • Joint pain patient
  • Those who often experience back pain and soreness

Longheh Purical
Do you know different type of Calcium has different function in your body? Longheh Purical is made from four natural Calcium sources that are scientifically processed for maximum body absorption. These are:

Pearl Sardine scale calcium powder

Improve physical fitness, promote normal endocrine system, protect teeth and bones, promote body growth and protect skin mucosa.

Pearl Pearl shell calcium powder

Calcium supplement for skin whitening and skin beauty nourishment.

Oyster Oyster calcium powder

Rich in minerals and trace elements. It can promote growth, prevent osteoporosis and has sedation effect.

Egg shell Egg shell calcium powder

Helps to promote growth, prevent cramp, and protect teeth and bones.

Longheh Purical benefits
Longheh Purical has the following benefits on different stage of life.

Children and Teenager

  • Normalize bone growth and strengthen the bone
  • Prevent cramp caused by Calcium insufficiency
  • Protect the teeth and prevent tooth decay
  • Prevent anger and rebellious behavior
  • Promote growth


  • Prevent tension, cramp and insomnia
  • Prevent skin allergy and improve allergic physique
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Prevent and improve abnormal heart palpitation

Elderly People

  • Prevent cramp and insomnia
  • Prevent backache
  • Prevent height reduction
  • Prevent bone fracture and osteoporosis
  • Improve suspicious and annoyance feeling of the elderly

Pregnant Woman

  • Promote fetus bone growth
  • Prevent baby soft bone problem
  • Prevent rheumatic pain and cramp after childbirth
  • Protect mother's bones and teeth
  • Prevent morning sickness
  • Stabilize mother's mood

Menopause Stage

  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Prevent menopause symptoms
  • Prevent suspicious, tension and loneliness feeling
  • Prevent insomnia

For woman, take Longheh Purical together with Longheh Bonecare for the best improvement on bone problems. For man, just take Longheh Purical for bone related problems.

For cartilage related problem, take it together with Longheh Puriyen.

Long-Heh Purical

Recommended dosage
For adult, take 2 capsules in the morning and evening, daily. For children, reduce dosage to half.

One box contains 60 capsules at 500mg ± 5% each capsule. (10 capsules x 6 blister packs / P.P.T.)

Each capsule contains:
Sardine scale calcium powder- 125 mg
Pearl shell calcium powder - 125 mg
Oyster calcium powder - 125 mg
Egg shell calcium powder - 125 mg


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