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Longheh Puriyen
The perfect formula for joint problems

Longheh Puriyen
Longheh Puriyen

When you age, your joints degrade. Moving up and down the stairs become harder and even painful. You find that you cannot move around as freely as you used to.

Actually, the wear and tear of your joints are normal aging process everyone faces. However, do you know you can slow down and even reverse your joint deterioration? The catch is, you must find the right supplement with the perfect formula for joint.

First of all, do you know what are your bone functions? Well, your bone structure functions...

  • as your body main support frame for organ protection
  • as muscle leverage pole to facilitate various movements
  • as a place to manufacture blood cells
  • as a storage for calcium and phosphorus

Common bone problems
Due to its important functions, problems with bone will of course give you a lot of discomfort and inconvenience. So what are the common bone problems?

This mainly affects post-menopausal women, elderly, hyperthyroidism patient, those consuming corticosteroid for long term and those with juvenile (genetic) osteoporosis. The bone is highly porous because of reducing hard bone substance and insufficient bone mineral. This results in pain or even bone fracture.

Rheumatoid arthritis
Also known as chronic arthritis, it is caused by over active immune system. The joints, bones, ligaments and connective tissues are inflamed and eventually deformed. This leads to cartilage damage, bone cartilage substance loss, pain, stiffness and limited functions.

Degenerative Arthritis
Generally, 25% woman and 15% man above 60 years old have this type of arthritis. Due to aging, joints mucus deteriorates and becomes dehydrated, resulting in reduction of lubrication mucus. This eventually causes joint cartilage damage, bone growth besides the joint (commonly known as bone spur), and other symptoms.

Longheh Puriyen
Introducing the perfect formula to effectively treat or improve your various joint problems. It consists of:

  • Natural Glucosamine
  • Natural Chondroitin from shark cartilage
  • Hydrolyzed collagen from Acacia powder

Natural Glucosamine Functions

  • promote joint cartilage metabolism and nutrients supplement
  • maintain strong bones and joints
  • repair and treat joint diseases
  • prevent joint deterioration due to old age
  • slow down bones and joints wear
  • relieve arthritis pain and stiffness
  • effectively improve back pain and soreness

Natural Chondroitin Functions

  • promote bone development
  • maintain calcium inside the bones and increase bone resources
  • enhanced bone elasticity and stiffness
  • prevent degenerative arthritis and spur
  • reduce hearing difficulty

Collagen Functions

  • prevent retarded bone growth
  • prevent bone fragility and fracture
  • increase blood vessel wall elasticity and prevent blood vessel rupture and bleeding
  • enhance lymphocytes and immunoglobulin.

Product Features

  • Contains organic amine for significant results without side effects. Long term consumption improves acidic body.
  • Relieve various discomfort from arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Promote ionic calcium absorption and prevent calcium loss.
  • Increase bone density and effective for treatment and prevention of bone degradation and osteoporosis.
  • Strengthen joints and ligaments, and prevent sports injury.
  • Processed in a form easily absorbed by your body.

Consumption Guide

  • Can be consumed by men, women, children or elderly.
  • Suitable for those with various joint diseases.
  • Suitable for elderly with bone degradation or with high risk of bone fracture.

Long-Heh Puriyen

Recommended dosage
For adult, take 1 capsule before meal, 1 to 2 times a day.

One box contains 60 capsules at 500mg ± 5% each capsule. (10 capsules x 6 blister packs / P.P.T.)

Each capsule contains:
Glucosamine HCI - 300mg
Chondroitin - 100mg
Collagen - 100mg


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