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How to reduce mental stress


When I was studying in college, I sold and serviced computer as freelance job. To repair a computer, the process is quite straightforward. Understand the problem, identify possible causes and test the solutions until it get solved.

In one special case, I couldn't solve the problem no matter how I tried. I would reinstall the software, change the memory card, change the power supply and tried everything possible. But each time I restarted the computer, the problem came back again and again.

Hours passed by. My head was overloaded with possible solutions. Sweat came down from my forehead. I was distressed. And my patience gradually ran out.

Finally, I gave up. I took a rest and drank a cup of tea. For a few minutes, I forgot I had a computer to repair. And after a while, I went back to repair it again. Strangely enough, I found the solution within minutes.

And this did not happen only once. On several occasions, I realized I could solve difficult problem just by walking away from it momentarily.

What this has to do with your health?
Life is full of challenges and difficulties. We may be faced with relationship problems, financial problems and work problems. This often creates stress that wears down our body. 

And prolong stress makes us sick. Stress can even create more negative impact on your health compared to unhealthy food. So what can we do about it?

When we are stuck in the middle of a problem, we are often so preoccupied with the problem itself. The problem consumes us. And we become part of the problem. Therefore, we fail to see the whole picture.

Digging a hole for yourself
Imagine digging a big hole with you inside it. The more you dig, the deeper you get. You are going nowhere. You can only see the muddy floor and wall.

Suddenly you stop the digging and take a rest. You carefully look around. And for the first time you look at the top. Only then you know you are actually in a big hole! 

Now you realize you do not need any more digging. What you need is a rope to get you out of that muddy hole.

How do you solve difficult life challenges
When you are faced with difficult problems, what can do you? Try to withdraw yourself from the problem, mentally and physically. Take a rest or a nap. Have a cup of coffee. Go for a walk. 

And most importantly, empty your mind.

When you are ready, go back to the problem. By now, you may be able to see the problem from a different angle. You may suddenly realize something you did not think of previously. The solution may just pop out from your head.

And maybe you may find this is not a problem after all.



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