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Breast Cancer Health Talk
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Thank you. Good night everyone. Firstly, welcome everyone and thank you. 

Every Thursday, I write for a newspaper health column answering reader's question on various health problems. And I see a lot of  patients every day. Whether I am asked by patient or through mail by reader, I often get the following questions on woman's health. 

"Dr Lee, my relative has breast cancer and had her surgery. My friend has died from breast cancer. My classmate is having chemo therapy due to breast cancer."

After a breast with cancer is removed through surgery, what accumulated  toxin caused the breast cancer? Hair dye, lipstick and nail polish will accumulate in breast, causing breast cancer. How to apply hair dye, lipstick and nail polish correctly to prevent breast cancer while being fashionable.

Bra and woman's breast are closely related. Most bras are made from cancer causing substances. Which bra material and color should we choose to avoid getting breast cancer.

As a modern woman, you cannot ignore it. 

Besides this, how do you self check your breast? Most breast cancers are not diagnosed by doctor's initiative. Most woman first felt a lump and asked doctor to further diagnose it. Only then, they realized they have breast cancer.

Well, those are the topics of our breast cancer talk.

Besides this, many women also asked me, "Dr Lee, I used to have my period once a month. But recently, my period sometimes comes once in 2 months. And sometimes, I have no period in 3 months."

When our period comes too early or too late, it not only shows uterus or ovary problem. It may signify whole body hormonal problem. 

For example, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Or she has ovary problem such as tumor growth. And maybe her brain or pituitary gland has tumor growth. All these may cause irregular menses among woman.

Some woman also told me, "My period used to last 3 to 5 days at 50 to 80 cc, neat and clean. But doctor, why my period now lasts for 10 to 20 days. On toilet bowl, my menses splashes out in heavy flow."

"Why my menses has blood clots? Doctor, I didn't eat chocolate. But why my menses turned to brown color?"

As a modern woman, you simply cannot ignore it.

Furthermore, some women also told me, "Dr Lee, I have vaginal discharge." My first response was to ask, "What color?" And my second question was, "What smell?"

When I asked the color and smell, a more matured lady would think a while before answering me. 

But if I asked an 18-year-old lady about the color, her face would turn red. When I asked her the smell, most young ladies would look downward and glance at me using the white area of their eyes. "Smell? It is smelly of course!"

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