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Why you should poop everyday

How clean is
your dustbin?

Do you have a dustbin at home? Imagine throwing your leftover food such as chicken bones and banana skin in the dustbin. Then close and leave it there.  On the next day, continue to throw in more leftover food. Do this for one week without emptying the dustbin.

What do you think will happen?

Do you smell something from the dustbin? Do you see tiny worms crawling around the dustbin? How about cockroaches?  Now imagine what happens when you have constipation for a few days.

Your feces in your intestine are like the rubbish in your dustbin. You must poop every day. Just like clearing the rubbish every day.

If you keep your feces for an extra day...
harmful bacteria in your intestine will have more time to multiply. Your immune system has to work harder to control those germs. And your liver has increased burden of detoxifying the toxins produced by these harmful bacteria. You will have a weaker body and you get tired easily.

What if the same feces stay in your body for 3 days, 5 days and even one week? Imagine the strain you put onto your body!

If you don’t clear out your dustbin for one week, you will be busy wiping away those crawling worms around the dustbin. And I bet you can’t stand those stinking smell! If you still keep the rubbish for a few more weeks, everyone living there will get sick.

Knowing your inside from the outside
By now, you know how terrifying it is to live with stinking rubbish. However, if you have constipation for a few days, you may not feel disgusting on the outside. Your feces are inside. So you don’t see it and you can’t smell it.

Fortunately, there are some ways to know what is happening inside your body when you cannot see it. Is it possible? Well, here are the symptoms that show your intestine’s terrible condition.

When you fart, everyone around you faints
When your house has a two-week rubbish and you suddenly open the back door, people standing outside will get the bad smell. So they know your rubbish is ‘overdue’.

When you open your mouth, everyone around you cover their nose with their hand.
And those who are afraid to hurt you will stop breathing for as long as possible. There are many causes for bad breath. And one of them is long term constipation. Now your rubbish at the back kitchen is so smelly. When you open your front door, people standing outside can smell it too.

Your face is full of pimples or acne
Your large intestine stores your feces. But when you keep your feces for too long, more toxins are released. Your small intestine above your large intestine absorbs nutrients. It will then absorb some of the toxins back into the blood stream. And when these toxins arrive at your face, you will have lots of pimples or acne.

In another words, toxins from your feces are now expelled out through your face! All this is because you don’t poop every day. Besides your face, if the toxins reach your uterus, you may get abnormal uterus growth or tumor. That’s why women with constipation are prone to have uterus tumor.

You get angry easily
If you have a few dustbins full of stinking rubbish in your house, can you live in peace? Can you still lie on the couch and enjoy your favorite TV show? When you have constipation for a few days, you tend to get angry easily over tiny matter. Your body energy seems to be disrupted when you have poor bowel movement.

Good and Bad Feces
Now you understand the importance of pooping every day. Do you know what the ideal feces are? "Huh? I thought it is fine if I poop every day. The condition of my feces is important too?"

Yes of course! Remember, you can know your intestine condition by examining your feces. 'Good quality' feces are:

  • Not smelly
  • Light brown in color
  • Soft but not watery
  • Long and thick

Just like a banana with different color. And when you clean your anus with toilet paper, there should be very little or no stain at all. So, you only need one piece of toilet paper.

If you need five, ten or more pieces of toilet paper, that is not a good sign. And if your feces are the opposite as the one described above, that is not a good sign either.

The main reason for these conditions is unbalanced bacteria ecology in your intestine. Harmful bacteria significantly outnumber beneficial bacteria. In the long run, it may lead to all sorts of intestinal problem including colon cancer.

Prolong constipation also causes more accumulated feces in the intestine wall. And your large intestine may become contracted at certain point. This causes tiny and short feces.

In conclusion, the best thing you can do for a healthy, vibrant and energetic life... is to poop every day. And make sure your feces is a 'high quality' one.

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Toxins from accumulated feces may cause all sorts of health problems. To effectively expel it from your large intestine, you can use Longheh High Fiber.


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Ethan :
Posted 2320 days ago
This informed me alot, I thought that not pooping every
day was normal, i knew that poop is toxic, but what I didnt know is
the actual stress it can put on your body! Thanks for the info.
Brandi :
Posted 2292 days ago
i knew it was normal to poop everyday. and my friend, Karlie, said "no, its not good to poop everyday!" now i can show her this site and she will be like "well i didn't know that!!!!" and i also didn't know all these facts! today and a few other days before, i have been pooping 2 times a day, and also, for the past few weeks, i have been pooping everyday! that hasn't happened to me in a loooong time! now i can tell my friends "constipation gives you pimples!" and they will laugh. thanks for the info! =]
nnnn :
Posted 2202 days ago
I didn't know that ! but what if you can't poop everyday ? you just can't ?
James Pang :
Posted 2202 days ago
You can go something to poop everyday. I will cover this topic in future article soon.
Justin :
Posted 2201 days ago
Whoever wrote this article must be an old fashioned housewife. Having a bowel movement each day is no doubt very beneficial however since when does your bowels cause acne and anger issues? and bad breath? Instead of posting what people what to hear, post the scientific proven facts. This article is a waste of time
Dani :
Posted 2194 days ago
I second Justin
James Pang :
Posted 2194 days ago
All these constipation symptoms are easily explained through Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. If you are observant enough, you may see the link in people around you. But I must add that not all acne, bad breath and anger are caused by constipation alone.
Jillian :
Posted 2120 days ago
If Justin and Dani has not been there and done that, then
you need to post somewhere else. I have colon cancer now because after I had given birth to my third child c-section I had a hard time going
to have a stool. I swear that all I write is true! I went six months
without having a stool. It was only every other week that my body
would let me and it was me trying to go and push until It was an hour
later and I was sweating and crying and bleeding. My stomach hurt so
bad that I would roll around in tears and feel what I can only say
would be a knife in my stomach area just twisting. I had the worst
odor in my mouth and yes the most nasty hurtful burps ever. This is a
very important issue. I waited to long. I now have cancer and have to
deal with alot more things. I would take every over the counter
medicine you can think of. People stay away from x-lax. That medicine
makes you stop going if it is a cronic problem. I had to use Miralax
mixed with Gatorade. And it was 238grms mixed with 63 oz of the
gatorade. I had to use that three times just to get cleaned for my
colonoscopy. I am very young, only 26. with a great husband and we
have three kids together and I have to worry about cancer because I
didn't know how important it really was not to get backed up. Please
talk to your doctors right away!!!! And for anyone else, don't say
anything if you don't have nice things to say. Grow up!!!!!!!!!
James Pang :
Posted 2120 days ago
Jillian, thanks for sharing with us. For your info, we have several anti-cancer herbs which support conventional cancer treatment for better healing chances. These are Ganoderma (Reishi) herb, Cordcyceps herb, Propolis and Green Tea (Lierfen) extract. We also uses the Magnetic Ultra Long Wave therapy with promising result on cancer. Please click on the "Product" tab on the top for more info.
devin :
Posted 2102 days ago
well i don't poop everyday and i don't have bad breath? maybe my metabolism is slower and it takes me longer to digest...what foods make you poop?
James Pang :
Posted 2102 days ago
Generally, fruits and vegetables are good for bowel movement. Reduce meat, fried, grilled and oily food.
Marion :
Posted 2094 days ago
I poop every other day, is that bad? I only poop when I have to go. I barely eat anything..... That could be one reason why I can't poop every day. A few years ago I pooped every day because I ate 3 Meals a day. Now I only eat breakfast which is mainly a bagel and I eat at the end of the day. Ever since I read this... I'm scared because I don't want colon cancer or anything else wrong with me
maria :
Posted 2087 days ago
this has helped me alot because i thought not pooping every day was ok. Now i see its not ok
Jo :
Posted 2083 days ago
Good article...why do I poop as much as 5-6 times a day???? Good color, constiency, not runny. Before I leave the house I have to use the bathroom, never fails.....I have 1 cup of coffee in the morning..if I have to go somewhere in the afternoon I have to use the restroom. Could this be aniexty????
James Pang :
Posted 2083 days ago
Jo, 5-6 times a day is more than usual. If it is not runny, not too smelly and you have normal weight (normal nutrient absorption), that should be okay. This may also be caused by other unbalanced body system. You can try taking Longheh Ganoderma herb. It may help to control your pooping frequency.
Amy :
Posted 2065 days ago
I enjoyed the comparison with dustbins and it makes sense. I've also heard that each person is different and can have different bowel habits. For myself, I usually poop every other day and this seems to be normal for me. The only problem is that it is not predictable, and sometimes I need to go while at work, which I really don't like to do and will sometimes wait until I get home. I know some people can have a "morning bowel movement" before they leave for work; this would be great for me.
Molly Ling :
Posted 2045 days ago
Yes, We all know that pooping everyday is a good thing. We clean out the toxins in our body by removing unwanted feces everyday. However, not everybody could poop everyday. I have done soo many reasearches about this issue. All the trusted websites and or articles say that a normal healthy person has bowel movements from 3 times a day to 3 times a week. This statement was also on the television show " The Drs." Every website that tries to sell supplements that claim to regulate your bowels, clean your body, da da, claims that you need to poop at least once a day to be "normal." And if you're not "normal," you are in trouble. You need to buy their products to make your body "normal." I wonder if anybody gets what
I'm trying to say.
Rod :
Posted 2035 days ago
Whenever I get runny poop, it takes me more than 10 rounds of tissues to get all the shet off, and it goes for any other poopoo. It takes me more than 20 minutes to poop because it takes so long to get rid of the poop out of my ass |:3. Is there anything wrong with my poop or something? Or possibly my ass |:D
James Pang :
Posted 2035 days ago
Rod, you may need to take care of your diet. Take less meat, fried and grilled food. Take more vegetables and fruits. If you often have runny poop, it is not a good sign. You can try Longheh Ganoderma herb to improve this condition.
Posted 2034 days ago
I never used to poo everyday, but I do now. But I'm concerned about my dad. He goes at least 2-3 times a day. Maybe he doesn't let it all out in one sitting? IDK
cassie :
Posted 2030 days ago
I found this article extremely helpful. i havent done a poo in 2 weeks. i have really bad pains in my lower abdommen sometimes really sharp and my belly is so swollen its like im pregnant what should i do?
James Pang :
Posted 2029 days ago
Cassie, you may need to visit doctor for recommendation on possible method to let you poo. Mild laxative may be used for temporary relief. However, do not become too dependent on laxative. Another method is to take lots of probiotics (friendly bacteria in intestine) such as Longheh Lactolus. It helps to soften the stool.
Kay :
Posted 2027 days ago
I realize not pooping everyday isn't healthy, but im scared for myself. I am 18 years old and has been suffering with I guess constant constipation. I simply can not go. I on an average.month go possibly 4 times if I'm lucky.. I tried eating different foods, exercise, miralax which helps occasionly, and colon health which hasnt any effect. doctors just give me over the counter stuff and advise that doesn't work. I don't know what else to do. It doesn't hurt like a constipation feeling, my stomach is hard like I have to go, and I never realize I have to go unless its right there and won't come out... I could spend over an hour in the bathroom for just one stool..Has anyone heard of this? I am really scared. Can anyone please, help me?
Kay :
Posted 2027 days ago
I would also like to add that I have tried benifiber also and nothing... Thank you
James Pang :
Posted 2027 days ago
Kay, try taking high quality probiotic supplement. You may need to take 1 to 2 packets after your meal, 3 times a day.
Pov :
Posted 2002 days ago
thank for the info but i wan to know more about myself. i poop 2 times a day at every normal day but when my important day come i start to feel sthing wrong like schooling, examing or else. i feel poop again and again i can't control it. (thanks for any reply or suggests.)
James Pang :
Posted 2002 days ago
Pov, emotional condition certainly has big impact on your physical health. You need to adjust your emotional state for those important days. Keep reminding yourself that you can handle those important matter with confidence and can produce good result. Relax and don't give yourself too much pressure. Hope it helps :)
Pov :
Posted 2002 days ago
Thanks James.
I'll remind myself that those days are nothing special to me.
richie :
Posted 1997 days ago
nicee writeup! =) but I swearr if you say rubish onee more time I think I might just kill someone! Lol
Marty :
Posted 1990 days ago
I read this article, now I have been forcing myself to poop twice a day. Just little nuggets but twice a day. And my husband swears my breath isn't is bad. Thanks for this article!
lulu :
Posted 1987 days ago
I go poop everyday, but is it normal to not poop one day?
James Pang :
Posted 1987 days ago
Lulu, once a while not pooping for one day is okay. It is better if you can poop everyday :)
James Pang :
Posted 1987 days ago
Marty, I'm glad to hear that. However, little nuggets is not good either. Maybe you should drink more water. Take more fruits and vegetables too.
mix :
Posted 1955 days ago
i poop between 2-4 times a day. i eat ALOT of fruit though. chocolate also makes me go. is that ok?
James Pang :
Posted 1955 days ago
Mix, if your feces is normal, that should be okay.
MD :
Posted 1950 days ago
I quite enjoyed the way this article was written up, the wording was wonderful and I admit, it had me chuckling! And that's wonderful because it reminded me of Henry Gray's wording in Gray's Anatomy =]
I have an awful problem with pooping though too. I definitely don't go everyday, but more about 2 - 4 maybe 5 times in a month. About a week or two ago I did go once everyday but I think that was more so because when I went the first day, not all of it released, if you know what I mean.
This is how it's always been though, and I am on the underweight side and have a crappy eating style too. I'm betting that as I get older it will indeed change.
With that, I have to run to the 'room XD
John :
Posted 1937 days ago
Enjoyed the article and the comments by all, I am a 38 year old guy that usually poos every 2-4 days my whole life. I am not tryin to sell anything but I have been taking a product called Easy Cleanse by a company called -NOW- that was suggested by an owner of the local health food store in my town, It is a colon cleanse that takes 15 days to complete, the owner said a program to be effective needs to take approximately this long. I take two pills of one of the bottles in the morning, two at lunch, and four pills of the other bottle after dinner. Food must be taken with them or you'll probably get an upset stomach along with 8 oz. of water each time (not too much really) I found I had more gas the first four days, then it subsided. I am on day 6 now and I am pooping regularly every day! It also is of better consistency. Yes it is weird talking about my crap btw. My energy levels seem a bit increase too. Also this product was Just under $20 US/made in the USA. Just thought I'd throw out this info to everyone, good luck all....
maria :
Posted 1937 days ago
dam this day i been pooping a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =\
Amanda :
Posted 1928 days ago
Well I am 26 and I have not pooed everyday in about 6 + years. And before that from around 10 to 18 years old I hardly ever pooped everyday. For the last 10 years I have been on medication so my poopage has stopped significantly. I have gained 50+ pounds in the last 3 years. So sometimes medication has an effect on making booboo for me. But, why my history of bowel moving has rarely ever been productive is an on going question I have been asking God for a long long time.
Sierra :
Posted 1911 days ago
i am confused, so is it or not okay to poop everyday?
James Pang :
Posted 1911 days ago
Sierra, it is best if you can poop everyday.
omar :
Posted 1908 days ago
I constantly feel i want to poop but i don't find anything and poop only once in my tries to poop. This is really annoying, and disappointing after you were expecting to poop. :S
Lily :
Posted 1897 days ago
I do poop everyday which i know is good but i know someone who dont and when he does god the toilet will smell so bad after and it takes long for the smell to go.
Lily :
Posted 1897 days ago
I have a cousin who dont poop everyday one time he farted when we were talking and he was lying down i was sitting next to him then i started feeling sick i felt like i ingested the smell i asked him why the smell is too much then he said coz he didnt poop for 3 days.
jen :
Posted 1891 days ago
I used to poop once or twice a day. I am now going 4 to 5 times a day!!!! Im really confused and don't know what the he'll to think!!! I was laid off from work acouple weeks ago and since then I've been pooping 4-5 times a day!?? Could it be that im eating more throughout the day since im at home now??? My poop is not runny its healthy normal lookin poop. Wtf is wrong with me!!!
D-Mac :
Posted 1883 days ago
I learned so much from this article that i didnt know before. But im just wondering if your sleeping and feel like you gotta ... could you just wait and do it in the morning?
James Pang :
Posted 1882 days ago
D-Mac: For me, I will poop before sleep if I feel the urge to. I don't want to keep the poo in my body for another 8 hours. If I feel slight urge to poop when sleeping, I may wait till the morning if I'm too tired to get up. If the urge is stronger or I'm not very tired to wake up, I may go to the toilet. However, I never experience the urge to poop while sleeping except for diarrhea.
Chastity :
Posted 1882 days ago
I loved this article. It helped me understand the importance of healthy pooping.
shoni :
Posted 1879 days ago
I'm having trouble also. I only go maybe once or twice every two and a half maybe three weeks, It's never much and I always have to force myself. I dont know what's wrong with me!
Robster :
Posted 1879 days ago
Interesting topic.(Serious)
I'll be 41 next month. I've been going once per day about 95% of the time over the course of several years. I'd rather it be 100% of the time though because whenever a rare day comes that i cant go for whatever reason,i definately feel less healthy and more irritable. the high majority of the time,i poop early and thats the best. You get it over with and you feel free the rest of the day. On a side note,over the course of the last year or so,i am very sore after i wipe,but i have to wipe alot(12-18 times).So,thereafter,i have to lay on my stomach for 20 minutes before the soreness goes away. it would be much better if i didnt have to wipe so much. I've been recently thinking how great it'd be if i had a bidet so i dont have to wipe until i become all sore up there. Btw,My diet is pretty darn good overall and i exercise/workout regularly.
Sarah :
Posted 1877 days ago
For years ive been pooping 1-2times a day! But this past year i am loosing weight may be Iam wrong but I feel like anything i eat comes out. Wht should I do? Last week i found online a healthy diet to gain weight so now i am trying to eat 4 meals a day but since i started this diet I am going more to the bathroom and it's watery. I am so skinny right now.
James Pang :
Posted 1877 days ago
Sarah: You should do a full blood test first. Health problems such as diabetes and cancer may cause rapid wight loss. And maybe you should stop the diet program to see whether your health returns to the previous condition.
George :
Posted 1846 days ago
I go every day but i take anywhere from one to two hours, just wiping constantly. Then when i'm completely clean, i go back later and there's more to wipe... Never ends. I get some solid poop, but then a lot of "mush" that isn't formed. Sorry to sound rather graphic.
I'm a bit of a clean freak and this feels like it's ruining my life...
Dani :
Posted 1824 days ago
what if u dont poop everyday? is that still bad ? because sometimes i dont for atleast 1-2 days.
thomas :
Posted 1819 days ago
Opposite problem I go about 4 times a day they usually are healthy at first but then get runny towards the end of the day why is this and is it healthy to have to go so often
Cheryl :
Posted 1810 days ago
I find this article to be very informative. For the last month I have been having severe pain in my URQ. Docs thought at first it was my gallbladder. Now they are saying it's chronic constipation. I am unable to have a BM without the assistance of laxatives. Dulcolax does not promote one but I have found that Milk of Magnesia does, sometimes. I was then told I have fecal impaction in the upper right colon, which is exactly where I am hurting. I have had this pain since the 1st week in May (2011). Is it possible that there is fecal matter causing this pain or could it be the onset of something extremely serious, like cancer? My son has a friend who said he had the same pain and the doctors kept guessing only to find out due to their negligence he developed colon cancer from an obstructed bowel. How long does it take cancer to develop from an obstructed bowel? Any answers are truly appreciated...Thank you...
Cheryl :
Posted 1810 days ago
I must add that I only have 1 BM a week. Should I change doctors or at least get a second opinion?
Paige :
Posted 1809 days ago
I'm really scared. I'm a 14 year old girl, who used to poop reguraly everyday to pooping like once a week. In order to go i have to take a laxative. My poop used to be really big and healthy but now it's really really really small. I get barely anything out after sitting on the toilet for an hour. I have super sharp pains in my stomach. I have no idea what to do. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME :'(
Cheryl :
Posted 1808 days ago
Paige, have you told your parents about this? That's the 1st thing I suggest.
James Pang :
Posted 1808 days ago
Cheryl and Paige, I recommend further checkup to determine the actual cause. The first step should be a stool test. You need to find a company specialized in health testing for this. If the report points out possible problem, Colonoscopy may be required.
corey :
Posted 1808 days ago
Wat about using an enema??
dakota :
Posted 1805 days ago
to the people who says pooping will not cause bad breath and anger issues. well it very much can. the reason is if you dont poop bacteria will multiply and if there's now here to go (like in ur large intestine) it will be excreted through skin and mucous membranes. and what caused bad breath and acnea BACTERIA. what do you think is in oils on ur skin? and paige, how much are you eating? the amount you eat will greatly affect your poop. like my friend (justine) was bulimic and she worried why she wasnt pooping and the reason why is because she regurgitated (puked) it.
Tyler :
Posted 1803 days ago
I'm a 14 year old boy. I have some kinda weird mental block. I can't let myself poop. I hold it in and when I only go when I can't help it anymore or when my stomach starts to hurt badly enough. This has been going on since I was around 8. On average I go 2-3 times a month and its been that way since I was 8. My stomach is slightly distended all the time, and sometimes gets very distended(Usually accompanied by sharp pain). My parents took me to a colon specialist when I was 9 and I was diagnosed with chronic constipation and chronic mega colon. I don't know what to do and I know how weird this is so I feel really uncomfortable going to anyone for help. This is the first place I've ever said anything about this to anyone. I'm only saying anything because this article(As well as a few others) has really scared me.
Is this a mental condition or is it something unique to me? What should I do? Any advice would be wonderful.
Tyler :
Posted 1803 days ago
Also, I have to hold it many times a day. Because of this I usually I have to go into the bathroom just to wipe my ass multiple times a day.
Cheryl :
Posted 1802 days ago
Update: I have had x-rays, ultrasound, CT, HIDA scan, and MRI...went to the doctor yesterday to be told that all the tests have come back negative...I have had this severe pain in my right upper quadrant (RUQ) for almost 6 weeks...was told it's chronic constipation, then fecal impaction, now nothing...went 6 days without a bm and only had one with the help of a laxative...going to gastroenterologist June 28th...hopefully he can tell me what the cause of this pain is...I was in such excruciating pain last night I thought I was dying...what is your suggestion???
Staci :
Posted 1795 days ago
I haven't been able to poop for about 4 days now, but today I finally went. It wasn't a lot.. But there's were these spots on the feces that very much resembled mold.. Is it possible for mold to grow on stool inside your body if it sits there too long? Also, I've been having a lot of ulcers in my mouth. If the bacteria can cause you to have bad breathe, can the same bacteria cause you to get ulcers?
Sally :
Posted 1785 days ago
I'm a 17 year old girl and I don't poop everyday (maybe three times every two weeks?) and I fart a lot. But most of the time my feces are like the "good quality" ones you mentioned, and there are little stains on the toilet paper. So now I'm confused - what's wrong with me? Why can't I poop more and fart less? I want to poop on a daily basis cause it's healthy and so that I can fart less. But I don't know how! Please help! :(
James Pang :
Posted 1785 days ago
Hi Sally, generally you try to reduce meat, fried and grilled food. Take more vege and fruit. Avoid stress and anger. You can also find high quality probiotic and high fiber supplement for better intestine health.
James Pang :
Posted 1785 days ago
Hi Staci, if your condition persist, you should have a check up and have a test on your stool. It may give you an idea of your intestine's health.
Posted 1784 days ago
Hi I'm a 20 year old -n- lately I don't get the feeln that I have 2 poop n I haven't pooped in a week . My tummy has been rumblin bad n the right side of my upper abdomen hurts bad.. Not like a cramp but a sharp pain. But I do get bad stomach aches n I pooped once n it wasn't much n I'm not constipated what's wrong with my body? I used to poop normal and It was starting to become and everyday thing . What should I do?
Bob :
Posted 1779 days ago
This was SO helpfull!!! Thanks!!! But my pooping isn't regular. When I was younger, my poop time was scheduled. Every day at around 9:00 AM. Now, it's not and every once and a while, about once every three months, I'll get contsipated for about 2-3 days. I get very bad cramps at this time. Some times, once u finally DO poop, it's just a little bit, but it's a little runny. Then, I poop multiple times like that in one day. Other times, it's very hard and small. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eoz :
Posted 1774 days ago
Want to poop more often? Spend more time standing. Convert to a standing desk. I've gone from one per day to two+ per day (smaller than they used to be - so perhaps same totally mass expelled per day).
And don't worry if your poop isn't exactly what is described as "perfect" or if you have to wipe more than once - we're each of us different. If you're getting sufficient fiber, water and exercise, don't worry too much.
jeona :
Posted 1773 days ago
sounds like a bunch of crap to me.
sam :
Posted 1767 days ago
i eat lots of fruit and veg, drink lots of water and poo everyday at the same time. but my poo is not like a banana and it stinks, and so do my farts! how do you produce "high quality" poo?
James Pang :
Posted 1767 days ago
Sam, you may have some accumulated poo in your body or unbalanced bacteria in intestine. Try to take some high quality prebiotic and high fiber supplement.
shana :
Posted 1765 days ago
I am 28 and i've been going through the same problem. i probably poop like 2x's a wk if that. this one time i did have to go to the hospital because of major stomach pains. when i do feel like it's time to go, it feels like it's gonna be a big healthy piece of poop but instead it's tiny pebbles..another thing is if i dn't go right away like if i'm not around a bathroom, the feeling of me needing to poop goes away.. i gets bad enough that i do notice the smell of my own breathe which isn't good, and also i feel like i need to throw-up sometimes maybe because i cn't poop.. sometimes after i eat i feel like the food is stuck in my chest. i do take laxitives but it takes like two days to wrk and it sometimes comes out watery..i'm only 150plbs but i feel like i'm 200..i feel really yucky inside! and yes i do always feel tired and sometimes i'm grumpy for no reason..guess i do need lot of help!!!!
erick j mendez :
Posted 1764 days ago
This was really helpful ... but my problem is I have been going since I was like 5 - once a week I'm 20 and I still go once a week like 50 percent of the time , the other half once every three to four days , I've been feeling the symptoms , but my farts don't stink that Much and my breath isn't that bad. But my poop is really hard , stinks and a deep brow color. My face is full of acne since I was 10 and I didn't know why , now I know at least And I do a lot of sports and it doesn't interfere I have a lot of energy. However I'm gonna look for help. By the way thanks for the info
mark :
Posted 1761 days ago
i have not be te toilet or nearly 2 weeks now its not that i cant go im seing how long i can hold out for an what it will do to me if i dnt go just an experiment im doing on myself any comment feel free to email me on m_desilva188@hotmail.co.uk
Brian :
Posted 1758 days ago
I have this problem where I wont do a number 2 for days, My intestine area looks like it's pregnant!, and my appertite is non existant compared to everyone else! I stop and eat because family members remind me they are hungry etc! ITS REALLY UNCONFORTABLE AGAINST MY INQUINAL HERNIA REPAIRS from the inside! I have tried Aloe-Vera but to no avail, I have tried Yagult, again to no avail, Im thinking now of HI-FIBRE BRAN FLAKES and/or starve myself or just eat very minimal amounts, I have also noticed that alot of people tent to suffer with this from 35yrs old! ALSO and one I find important, when I went to Lanzarote for a week, my bowel movements were daily, I didnt feel bloated and we were all eating 3 times aday, but as soon as Im back in UK eating food here causes the problems!!!
Lauren :
Posted 1755 days ago
I am 14 years old, and just got an x-ray and found out i have scoliosis. There were a bunch of black spots all over my stomach in the xray, and my chiropractor said that was backed up poop.He said it was from my spine being curved. It doesnt hurt me, and it seems like i have been pooping regularly. so how should i fix that and get my digestive system and everything working ok again? thanks to any help or comment.
elle :
Posted 1755 days ago
Reading all this stuff scares me!
I used to go pretty much every day and now I go once or twice a week. This all started when I moved in with my boyfriend.
I wonder if the 2 could be related. I was diagnosed with ibs 2 years ago and the doctor said it was stress related. But anyone I know who has ibs has the opposite problem when they're stressed.
My sister only goes once a week but she says that's normal for her.
Stacey :
Posted 1754 days ago
So I usually poop everyday, except when I go camping or backpacking... if there is no clean toliet around I just don't have to go... Is it ok not to poop for an entire weekend, or should I be trying to eat differently so I will definitely poop?
Rosie :
Posted 1753 days ago
I am 14 years old. I didn't poop for like 3 days when I really needed to go because I didn't have time to go. Then when i did have time to go, not much came out. I've been trying to go as much as I can but not much will come out and it has really been building up. Its really hard for me to poop now. Its been 3 months like this now without telling anyone about it because I'm too embarrassed. It seems like when I need to go I'm not able to go much because I have all that other poop backed up blocking the way. Please help me.
James Pang :
Posted 1753 days ago
Stacey, you should try to poop everyday no matter where you are. It is the most important thing you should do in a day.
James Pang :
Posted 1753 days ago
Rosie, please visit the link at the end of above article for more info (How to poop everyday)
Bobby :
Posted 1753 days ago
I pooped right after reading this article :D
elandy :
Posted 1748 days ago
today i pooped about 10 pounds of feces and i am still farting afterwards, what does it all means? poop looks great, just like the description above.
James Pang :
Posted 1748 days ago
Elandy, your intestine may be adjusting itself. If your fart does not smell bad, there is nothing to worry. But if you still continue to fart with bad smell for several days, it means your intestine still has bad accumulated feces.
Tes :
Posted 1746 days ago
Im 29and I have never had regular bowel movement. I actually noticed this growing up, that I can only use the bathroom where I feel comfortable(my house).
Since I was in a boarding school, I'd repress my urge to go for weeks... Even now, I cant use the bathroom at work or even on a long flight. If I wanted to go, I'd just take orange juice and pulp- which seemed to work for me until recently.
In the past year, I noticed that I've been getting a lot acne and nothing seems to be working, not even dermatologist's prescription. My irregular bowel movement is still same. Even fruits and vegetables that used to work dont anymore.
I wonder if some of us are just meant to have irregular BM... cos Im normal weight, my body is usually fine until about 5-7 days when i realize I havent gone...then i have serious acne which had never been a problem before...
nwforager :
Posted 1723 days ago
Molly ling's comment is throwing out the baby with the bath water. But Yes.Seldom should we need pills ,powders,herbs,fiber supplements etc to help us poop.
Get lots of RIPE fruit ,Deep Green veg , Water all day , and movement .
Just taking the stairs and drinking water can make bad bowels better .
Sitting at a desk job or couch surfing with with out standing/moving breaks is a great way to shut down your digestion and have impacted hard poop . Walking helps like a pumping action for poop. Fruit and Veg are the bulk and fiber ,and more Water to move it through .
ashley :
Posted 1711 days ago
i poop once a month, lol.
sunny :
Posted 1707 days ago
i must be really immature cause after reading a few of the comments, i laughed cause everyone was talking about poo XD really good article btw. I cant believe some people think its normal to not poop everyday!
though i have to admit, when i was little i didn't ... until i started forcing myself to do it in the morning when i woke up and when i went to bed even if i didn't have to go. I just kinda started a routine and after that my body just sorta adjusted and i wasn't so constipated any more XD lol awful childhood memories of sitting in the loo with all your cousins waiting outside really needing to go XD
i also found that when i became more active like walking more, etc, i pooped more regularly lol so its not just what you eat ;)
dannyboy :
Posted 1702 days ago
im 15 years old and for 2 years now my stooling habbits have gotten more regular since i turned 13 before that i was going about 1 time every 3 days n its gotten annoying for me goin 2 times a day mainly at breakfast time, i get up in the morning n i get the feeling to go and its really runny n takes about 6 pieces of toilet paper and if i go to early in the morning my bowel n stomach feel weak especially if i havent had anythin to eat before i go and ill need one again about 2 or 3 hours later n i wonder why anyone got any suggestions.
joanna :
Posted 1699 days ago
i am a 13 year old girl i used to poop normally yay and i eat a lot i eat as muck as my dad and my 16 year old brother but when i turned 12 i only poop like every three days and now i only poop like oncce a week and right before my "time" i get like sick and i have like its strang to say a stumic cram itt gooes a way after a wile and then it comes back it never stops and the sickness dosent go away tell the end and thats at lleast 5 to7 days what should i dooo!
pooper scooper :
Posted 1673 days ago
This article is hysterical because everyone is so serious and trying to get 100% cure all. For starters, medications and aging will make you more constipated, like opiates for example. Caffeine works to help you go. And fruits will make you smell more. What I don't understand is even people with softer stools will spend an hour on the toilet. Why? If you're constipated, pull the crap out, if you have normal stool, it should take a couple minutes, not more. Why do people take so long?
joanna 13 :
Posted 1673 days ago
this helped!!!!! i drink coffee every morning no
Claire :
Posted 1663 days ago
I haven't had a poo in 3 days, the week before I had a laxitive after a week of not pooing and I was fine, the week before that was when this all started I couldn't poo on holiday and had a laxitive and i was fine, this was when I missed a period and i'm a virgin, I think i skipped because of stress. I have a healthy diet- breakfast- bowl of porridge with orange juice- Lunch- yoghurt and bannana- Dinner- a plate of meat, vegetables, and something else. I drink 3 bottles of ribenna a day, I'm a confused teenager can someone please help me?
James Pang :
Posted 1663 days ago
Claire, have you try regular exercise? For more tips on how to poop everyday, please visit: ... longheh ... /constipation2.html
mama bear :
Posted 1660 days ago
I have been taking a medication called suboxone for about the past year and a half. I have to take this medication or I get very very sick. My medication makes me severly and cronicly constipated though....I go for weeks at a time without going to bathroom. I have tried EVERYTHING!!!! fruit n vegies, gallons of water, fiber powders by the bottle, supositories, enimas, stool softeners, miralax, and the only thing that will work for me is a heavy duty laxative. I will take a heavy duty lax about once a week cuz i know they are really bad for you but its the only thing that works. everytime I told my doctor, or my doctor throughout my whole pregnancy, or my family doctor they just say something stupid like "well why dont ya try to eat some more fruits and vegitables" like they just dont understand how bad it is. one time I told my doctor that I have gone for 5 to 6 weeks with no bowel movements and i could just tell she didnt believe me or thought I was exagerating. I get terrible pain when I take the laxatives but only when I take the lax, its very strange that I go so long and dont have outragiouse stomach cramps all the time, I dont know what to do I guess I just need to go to the doctor.
Tish :
Posted 1659 days ago
I poop every day, but I have some poop that is stuck on my right side. I took Miralax for a week, and last night a docolax. It did go but I was told by the doctors that it is going around the big spot. I have gained a lot of weight too. I exercise 3 to 4 times a week. I have always have a gallon of water a day. I have kidney stones and had surgery in January I got very stopped up. I have had pain ever since. I go daily so I didn't think that I had a probably. What do I do? I have to see a specialist. I also get hot flashes but I have had tests done and they say that I am fine and they don't know why I get them. All organs have been tested and all is good. Can all my problems be from my bowels?
Cristian :
Posted 1651 days ago
Help me please I only poop every 4 to 5 days and I eat alot of food every single day n only Poo a little that day I poo and I can only poo when it has to come out I can't control it wither I mean I always feel I'm constipated its hard to poo I remember I pooed everyday not no more HELP!!!
Hayden :
Posted 1636 days ago
I need help! I'm 14 and poo once a week but it has now been 10 days since I pooed. I've had 2 laxatives loads of fibre( which I don't eat muc off) oranges and water. It hurts so bad! I need help!
Lissa :
Posted 1628 days ago
First of all being constipated means pooping less than 3x a week, not pooping everyday does not equal constipated. Not being constipated means your bowel movements are normal, not everyone poops every day, different people different bodies, dot freak out if you don't poop once a day!
lisa :
Posted 1616 days ago
finally 16 senakot later (2 a night) plenty of vegetables water n orange juice over the last 9 days an ive finally pooped but my belly is still swollen. upto about 18 mth ago i used to poop every mornin 10 am like clockwork then all of a sudden my bowel movements changed i could go upto 5 days without going to the toilet i went to doctors he diagnosed me with irritable bowel syndrome to which he subscribed me mebervaine tablets 3x aday which didnt change a thing so i stopped takin them went bk to doctors he told me to change my diet, which i did n still nothings changed. this time i went 9 days i looked 7 month pregnant couldn sleep , very irratible n in a bad mood , doin alot ov heavy breathin as it felt like my stomach was bein pushed up towards my ribs . usually 2 senna at night shifts it this time nothin worked . and as those who says it doesnt give u bad breath ive noticed a foul taste n smell in my mouth since bein constipated. can someone plz give me some advice on this as my doctor doesnt seem concerned thanks .
lauren :
Posted 1615 days ago
this article is good and its good knowing im not the only one yet im still worried. I've always had problems going to the toilet and all the doctors have put it down to ibs while i was happy knowing it was that after having a c-section with my first baby things have been so bad. My bowles wouldnt tell when i needed to go and by the time i realise i havent been to the toilet it would add up to a month of none poos, which caused me so much pain, i so saw the doctor again only for them to not give me much info apart from the fact i have a lazy bowel. They gave senakot, lactolose and molaxole laxitives which helped me to go go once every2 weeks to going regulary but its started all over again and ive becomi g relaint on this medication, it gets me in a visious cycle cos i know i must go but my bowels arent telling me and when i do aventually go i dread it cos i know im going to be in so much pain...now this who cancer thing has me worried, maybe it is a lazy bowel. Why cant doctors be bit more helpful mine is rubbish. Whats ur best advice?
James Pang :
Posted 1614 days ago
Lauren, for your condition, the first herb to begin with is the Ganoderma herb. It helps to detoxify the body, reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation. It is the basic herb for various health condition such as constipation. Some people take Ganoderma herb and experience darker colour of faeces in the first few days due to the detox effect.
sarah :
Posted 1612 days ago
hey ive had diarrhea for almost 6 months now, i'd poop occasionally that wasn't a problem until recently. for about a week now i've been having trouble, no matter how long i stay in the bathroom i can't poo. my sides and my back have occasional sharp pains throughout the day, I'm really worried what should i do?
bad dawg :
Posted 1609 days ago
Great article and some good recommendations, particularly regarding what foods to eat and which ones not to if one wants to be regular, ie: all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables (preferably, organic) + water, water and more water is good. Too much meat, fried foods, greasy food is not good. For clarification, most folks in the US dont eat a third of the fibre they should for good health, if they did, and drank enough water (at least a litre a day) with a good diet, once a day would be a minimum bowel movement, most of the healthy folks hit 2 or 3.
Its all relative to how one defines good health of course but, 3 times a week is not enough, and defines constipation by the definition of truly healthy people.
bad dawg :
Posted 1609 days ago
Ah, just noticed a few other questions regarding foul smells, etc. A lack of detoxification and flow of the body affects a build up of crud which manifests in many ways, not hte least of which being funky sweat and body odor, bad breath and excessively lousy smelling urine and bowel movements. While some less than wonderful smells are normal, especially for the latter, horrible smells are not a good sign, especially sweat or mouth. I work out with some very healthy people and while there is smell, it isnt bad, they also do not have bad breath. Any non believers? try a crazy healthy diet for a month and check it out, I didnt believe it either but couldnt really say much until I tried it.
jesse :
Posted 1597 days ago
I like poop.
Bryan :
Posted 1563 days ago
Why do I fart after I poop?
Joel :
Posted 1558 days ago
I took a ... this whole week? Is that bad?
david :
Posted 714 days ago
i havent pooped in five days
Matthew :
Posted 558 days ago
I also had this problem. I would drink 8oz of water during just to have it come out. Now i found squatting to be the best natural technique. In the diagram layout when u sit down ur actually tieing up the abilit to have a stool. Research squatting when using the bathroom. Two weeks have been awesome.. also buy probiotics drink called good belly
dwight :
Posted 317 days ago
I have never pooped a day in my life now i know y my wife n kids have always told me i was full of crapp.
Tyrone :
Posted 305 days ago
I'm staying at my friends house for a week & I only pooped on Monday, I've held it in since Tuesday, basically 3 days, but I usually poop everyday, is it okay to hold it for 3 days? I'm planning to poop on Friday afternoon.
david :
Posted 99 days ago
i had a chicken bone coming out of my ass now i have a lamb its been pain full for months now whats wrong

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