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Why you should poop everyday

How clean is
your dustbin?

Do you have a dustbin at home? Imagine throwing your leftover food such as chicken bones and banana skin in the dustbin. Then close and leave it there.  On the next day, continue to throw in more leftover food. Do this for one week without emptying the dustbin.

What do you think will happen?

Do you smell something from the dustbin? Do you see tiny worms crawling around the dustbin? How about cockroaches?  Now imagine what happens when you have constipation for a few days.

Your feces in your intestine are like the rubbish in your dustbin. You must poop every day. Just like clearing the rubbish every day.

If you keep your feces for an extra day...
harmful bacteria in your intestine will have more time to multiply. Your immune system has to work harder to control those germs. And your liver has increased burden of detoxifying the toxins produced by these harmful bacteria. You will have a weaker body and you get tired easily.

What if the same feces stay in your body for 3 days, 5 days and even one week? Imagine the strain you put onto your body!

If you don’t clear out your dustbin for one week, you will be busy wiping away those crawling worms around the dustbin. And I bet you can’t stand those stinking smell! If you still keep the rubbish for a few more weeks, everyone living there will get sick.

Knowing your inside from the outside
By now, you know how terrifying it is to live with stinking rubbish. However, if you have constipation for a few days, you may not feel disgusting on the outside. Your feces are inside. So you don’t see it and you can’t smell it.

Fortunately, there are some ways to know what is happening inside your body when you cannot see it. Is it possible? Well, here are the symptoms that show your intestine’s terrible condition.

When you fart, everyone around you faints
When your house has a two-week rubbish and you suddenly open the back door, people standing outside will get the bad smell. So they know your rubbish is ‘overdue’.

When you open your mouth, everyone around you cover their nose with their hand.
And those who are afraid to hurt you will stop breathing for as long as possible. There are many causes for bad breath. And one of them is long term constipation. Now your rubbish at the back kitchen is so smelly. When you open your front door, people standing outside can smell it too.

Your face is full of pimples or acne
Your large intestine stores your feces. But when you keep your feces for too long, more toxins are released. Your small intestine above your large intestine absorbs nutrients. It will then absorb some of the toxins back into the blood stream. And when these toxins arrive at your face, you will have lots of pimples or acne.

In another words, toxins from your feces are now expelled out through your face! All this is because you don’t poop every day. Besides your face, if the toxins reach your uterus, you may get abnormal uterus growth or tumor. That’s why women with constipation are prone to have uterus tumor.

You get angry easily
If you have a few dustbins full of stinking rubbish in your house, can you live in peace? Can you still lie on the couch and enjoy your favorite TV show? When you have constipation for a few days, you tend to get angry easily over tiny matter. Your body energy seems to be disrupted when you have poor bowel movement.

Good and Bad Feces
Now you understand the importance of pooping every day. Do you know what the ideal feces are? "Huh? I thought it is fine if I poop every day. The condition of my feces is important too?"

Yes of course! Remember, you can know your intestine condition by examining your feces. 'Good quality' feces are:

  • Not smelly
  • Light brown in color
  • Soft but not watery
  • Long and thick

Just like a banana with different color. And when you clean your anus with toilet paper, there should be very little or no stain at all. So, you only need one piece of toilet paper.

If you need five, ten or more pieces of toilet paper, that is not a good sign. And if your feces are the opposite as the one described above, that is not a good sign either.

The main reason for these conditions is unbalanced bacteria ecology in your intestine. Harmful bacteria significantly outnumber beneficial bacteria. In the long run, it may lead to all sorts of intestinal problem including colon cancer.

Prolong constipation also causes more accumulated feces in the intestine wall. And your large intestine may become contracted at certain point. This causes tiny and short feces.

In conclusion, the best thing you can do for a healthy, vibrant and energetic life... is to poop every day. And make sure your feces is a 'high quality' one.

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