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How to poop everyday

Empty your
dustbin everyday?

Do you know what is the dirtiest organ in your body? Yes, it is the colon. Actually, it seems unfair for your colon to do all the dirty job of containing feces.

Dirty it may seem, your colon is one of the most important organ in your body. Around one-third of your immune system accumulates in your colon. They ensure germs and toxins from the feces are well controlled. By keeping your feces longer, you are actually creating extra stress on your immune system and other body systems.

Pooping releases toxins and unwanted substances from your body. This lets your body easily absorb new nutrients and energy. Without proper body detoxification, you will still get sick no matter how healthy you eat.

When should you poop?
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the large intestine meridian is most active from 5am to 7am. So you should try to poop within this time range. Otherwise, just make it early in the morning. The recommended pooping frequency is at least once a day. This lets your body detoxify efficiently.

So how can you poop everyday? Even if you have no constipation problem, how can you further improve your intestine health? Here are some tips you can follow.

Set your mind
Before sleeping, tell yourself you will poop tomorrow morning. Then, tell yourself you will poop everyday. With this, you gradually program your mind and body to poop everyday.

A better approach is to actually visualize yourself pooping everyday. Feel it and experience it. Then say to yourself, “I am grateful I can now poop everyday to detoxify my body thoroughly. Thank you!”

Try it. It may work well for you. There is definitely no side effect. And it is free anyway.

Make a habit
Imagine your superior announced a short meeting to be held everyday. On the first day, the meeting started at 8am. On the second day, you waited in the meeting room at 8am but your superior was nowhere to be seen. Later at 10am, your superior said the meeting will start immediately. And on the third day, the meeting was not held until 4pm.

How would you feel? Do you think your superior can gather every worker for meeting if he set the time randomly each day? Of course not.

Similarly, your body works best when you follow a routine. Your body loves it when you can poop at the same time, eat at the same time and sleep at the same time, each and every day.

You may have experienced this before. Let say you have no problem pooping everyday in the morning. But on one particular day, you are too busy in the morning and forgot to poop. When you remembered it in the afternoon, you tried to poop but could not.

After missing your routine pooping time, you may have more difficulty pooping later on. That is why some people have constipation when they travel due to inconsistent or busy schedule. When they return home, they can poop normally again.

Therefore, it is very important for you to develop a routine to poop everyday. Respect your pooping time. Avoid delaying it for your other urgent work. Pooping is the most important thing to do in the morning. When your pooping routine is set, you will poop effortlessly everyday.

Have a bowel friendly diet
Your diet directly affects your intestine health. For better bowel movement, take more vegetable and fruits. They contains fiber for smoother bowel movement and promote a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in your intestine.

Take less meat, spicy, fried and grilled foods. Too much of these food lower your immunity and disrupt the healthy bacteria balance in your intestine. Without sufficient healthy bacteria, your feces becomes hard, resulting in constipation.

Avoid anger and stress
To ensure proper bowel movement, you need to be really relaxed. If you often get angry or stress, your bowel will also tense up. This eventually leads to constipation. You may also have more difficulty in passing motion when you are in a rush.

Imagine going to the toilet and think, "I must complete my pooping within 2 minutes. Or else, I will be late for the meeting." You will most probably come out from the toilet after 2 minutes... without pooping.

Anger and stress will also create toxins that disrupt your body systems and lower your immunity.

Points to note
Although pooping everyday is important, it is equally important to do it the right way. Avoid exerting too much force while pooping. This may temporarily increase your blood pressure. 

People with normal blood pressure is not affected much. But those with long term high blood pressure and blood vessel hardening may risk getting stroke due to sudden blood pressure increase. In the long term, exerting too much force may also result in piles growth.

If you have diarrhea, you may not poop for one or two days. This is normal because your intestine has been emptied.

Be patient. You may not see the result you want in the beginning. By following all above mentioned points as much as possible, you should gradually improve your intestine health and are able to poop everyday.

Enjoy your pooping!

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