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Health Articles

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1) Why your stomach hate ice drink?
When you're drinking gulps and gulps of ice water, have you ever thought how your stomach feel? Does it feel great? Or does it suffer like hell?

2) How the way you sit makes you sick
Are you leaning lazily on your chair now? Do you always cross your leg when you're sitting? Learn how bad sitting posture causes all sorts of health problem.

3) Turning hatred into strength
Should you feel sad or angry when you're cursed or scolded badly? Should you keep the hatred forever? Here's how to turn hatred into a positive energy for your own benefits.

4) Destined to die young?
She was told by a fortune teller she would die at young age. She was angry at first. But later, she managed to change her destiny herself, turning a lemon into lemonade.

5) Let it go!
Caroline's students were hating each other in the classroom. So she came out with a simple potato exercise to teach them the important lesson of releasing their hatred.

6) Repay yourself
A man saw another man robbing a girl. Should he try to help the girl or should he run away safely?

7) Sharing the best corn seed
If you have the best corn seed for your farm, will you share it with your neighboring farm?

8) The overlooked benefits of exercise
Do you know most aging problems can be reduced through regular exercise? Find out how you too could benefit from exercise.

9) How to fight free radical with antioxidant
We know that free radicals in your body lead to aging and all sorts of diseases including cancer. How can you fight these free radicals with antioxidant food?

10) The secret ingredient in green tea
What makes green tea so popular as a healthy drink? Discover its secret ingredient and its amazing health benefits.

11) An old man
How do you treat your parents when they are old? Will you dump them because they are useless to you? Or will you care for them until their last breath?

12) Illness - Your cells are crying
What you shoud know about your body cells? How to take care of it so that you can be healthier and stronger?

13) How to strengthen your bone
How to prevent osteoporosis and arthritis with the correct diet and lifestyle? Which food helps to increase your bone density?

14) How to prevent premature ovary aging
Do you risk having premature ovary aging? What should you do to reduce its risk?

15) Why you should poop every day
Do you poop or pass motion every day? How to check if your intestine is in good condition? Find out the secret to long term health, vitality and energy.

16) How to easily exercise every day
Busy with your every day schedule? No time for your exercise program? Find out how you can make simple exercises part of your daily routine.

17) What time should you sleep
Sleeping early and wake up early is good for your health. You may have heard it. But what's the actual reason behind it?

18) Do you fully chew your food before swallow
Having a delicious meal is nice. But do you chew your food thoroughly before swallow? How many times should you chew your food?

19) A new food pyramid
Do you have acidic body condition? What causes acidic body? And what is the correct food pyramid to prevent acidic body?

20) What’s wrong with eating too full
Do you tend to eating too full? Find out how overeating affects your health and what you can do to eat lesser.

21) How to reduce mental stress
Is your health gradually deteriorate due to stress? Find out how you can solve your problem sooner and reduce your stress.

22) How to improve relationship problem
Often having relationship problem with certain people? Learn what you can do to improve it.

23) How to poop everyday
Having difficulty in pooping everyday. Here are four tips you can easily follow to poop everyday. 

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